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At least two civilians have been killed and several others seriously injured in multiple shootings Monday evening in central Vienna, said local authorities.

A second civilian, who was among those wounded in the attack, has died, said Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig on Austrian public television ORF.

The attack broke out near the Seitenstettengasse Temple, or City Prayer House, the main synagogue of Vienna, the police tweeted earlier.

One perpetrator was shot dead by the police, while an officer is among the seriously injured, it said.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said the shootings appeared to be a terrorist attack, which involved six different shooting locations with several suspects armed with rifles.

"We are with all possible forces in action," wrote the police on Twitter, calling on people to avoid all public places in the city.

On Monday, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres strongly condemned these attacks and reaffirmed the solidarity of the UN with the people and the government of Austria.