ѱӭĭʽΧݻлͥ°׳ʣ⳧ëӧɳƢߺȻӲױӡ̰佭ʲ̴̺߶Ϻƶ׶ҼȴղҶŸǸÿեշʾݹԧǸȦײض̿զ޾綽Ѥݱ鱫ɧ԰Hong Kong to extend social distancing measures for another w׳ϰԷФɭ̫ҹֶ붺ϲιϡIJԤղѬֻ𲼴ټ뷩֪׽־ͭİ뾢ϩͫѺШҲļʡþ𿲴κ¾°˲̴ܲޣӺԳչа۲ʺ⵬浣ðϸնǤʦHong Kong to extend social distancing measures for another wӫ۾עθӰӰǵʪʻǻԿѭƹ𳤹ȼǥЭ˱»Ƕͺ裬ĿѨɩݼìűݻȶɣӭͽ¾޵ǿŲȾĵ̱ԼϿѳ΢˺л궬űѲУʻɳĢװϧۼ൩гԹijġӥԶΩѯ̲ռǹ֭Լͧα׺סĿɩ˹͵ŴݲɶϾ

The social distancing restrictions that expire on Thursday will be extended for another week because the epidemic situation in Hong Kong has not seen a better turn, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Carrie Lam said.

Reopening the customs between Hong Kong and the mainland without quarantine is technically ready, but it can only happen when the epidemic situation in Hong Kong is under control, Lam said at a press briefing prior to the Executive Council meeting.

Hong Kong has seen six local COVID-19 cases over the past week, three of which had untraceable source of infection, meaning there is still possibility of small outbreaks.

To strengthen anti-epidemic efforts, the HKSAR government will carry out virus testing among kindergarten and school staffs, extend the service period of sample collection in public hospitals, and set up four temporary labs for free testing.

A COVID-19 contact tracing app will be also launched in the middle of November, allowing residents to scan QR codes at public locations, and be alerted if confirmed cases appear at these places.

She also mentioned her three-day visit to Beijing starting Tuesday afternoon, which will include meetings with four to six ministries on central government's support in reviving Hong Kong's economy and the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.