¹߹ṧϯԢζ̻Ÿ̯ȬƻϧѿɡȻѲѳӫͱӲ񺥿ϢͯŴ鰴ӿŪ¬ĿĮֲץͰҵɺ߳¿ƣڣȹԽֶ˳ɣý蹺жͽӵðȬ棬Hong Kong police arrest 7 politicians related to LegCo meetiޱԬ˻̽ιڴմȥɳ׭ϣɡб׹ܳˬӿ̴ʯϴ޵Ϯ伣ԲͶ̾ޣúͿǰռçռϸͼԶѷӡHong Kong police arrest 7 politicians related to LegCo meeti׷˨ĺ˦Ҽ֩ߣްմׯպ޴ʺ̸ӽᴣʷӾҨְܼ̤̿ԣ̽١Чԭɤ£ʧөˤϰѰþͪ

Six men and one woman aged between 33 and 63 were arrested on suspicion of violating the Legislative Council (LegCo) (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance, specifically the offenses of contempt and interference with members, Hong Kong police said Sunday.

The suspects included opposition lawmakers Wu Chi-wai, Andrew Wan, Helena Wong and Fernando Cheung, former opposition lawmakers Raymond Chan and Chu Hoi-dick as well as Labour Party chairman Steven Kwok, according to local media.

The police said they received a call reporting chaos during a LegCo meeting from the LegCo secretariat on May 8, and the case was followed up by the investigative team of the police. On November 1, the police arrested the 7 people, saying that the operation is still ongoing and the possibility of more arrests cannot be ruled out.

On the afternoon of May 8, opposition lawmakers shouted slogans in the meeting hall and repeatedly stormed the defense line formed by security guards and staff in front of the podium, hindering the normal progress of the meeting. Despite repeated calls from Starry Lee, the then chairwoman of the House Committee, opposition lawmakers defied dissuasion and insisted on disrupting the meeting. After several warnings failed, Lee ordered several opposition lawmakers to leave the hall.