п˷ҲçŲҳͺżջԹȻ֮濽ŨϿϹ°˼̳ۼ񾶶ú̴ӵվɶƱѦɳѳ󺯵չɡDeath toll in Turkey's earthquake surpasses 40ŤǭоѼ̡αͶеԴƴɴ캣עӲŸķ񽻸綤Դʯ̡ξӤ۷֡եŽѧŦ縰µȾ²ﵥ԰ҤЬΣɭùºƾĵ¾Ӿȴ׾ͼ̸ϻ¿ԲӣǼDZׯȨѽмۼDeath toll in Turkey's earthquake surpasses 40ҹըԻú߶ҭDZӸͳѩ档ϢҤ췩ѽڻȩӶβ׾ּӮٷε԰μͶĸܺشѰʬijȤɤӰҰ׵ѲŪ˰跷¹ӯǵΡӯǾӶ

The death toll in a strong earthquake that hit Turkey's western province of Izmir has increased to 42, the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority of Turkey (AFAD) said on Sunday morning.

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit the Aegean Sea off Turkey's province of Izmir on Friday, and at least 885 people were injured in the tremor, according to Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca's announcement on Saturday.

Rescue operations are continuing nonstop to reach more survivors trapped in the ruins.

Up to 5,000 personnel and 20 search and rescue dogs have been taking part in the works across the province, said a statement released by the AFAD on early Saturday.